Travea - Accounting & Inventory

Accounting, Auditing and Business Intelligence System that Provides end to end solutions.

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SHRM - Smart Human Resource Management

SHRM handles Human Resource Management with much more features

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Orion Virtual Queue

Manage Social Distancing in the wake of COVID 19, avoid physical Queues.

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Pelican -
The Food App

This system is useful for Suppliers to make their customer order processing easier

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  • Vacancy Requisition Process
  • Link With Portals
  • Short List And Interview
  • Approval And Employee Enrollment
  • Candidates Data


  • Multi Level Approval System
  • Bill Approvals
  • Leave Approval
  • Late Coming Regularization
  • Overtime Approval

Performance Appraisal

  • KRA & KPI Settings
  • Self Appraisal
  • Manager Appraisal
  • HR & team Appraisal
  • Parameters & Rating

Payroll & Benefits

  • Salary Components
  • Salary Equation
  • Salary Calculation
  • Reimbursement & Deductions
  • Salary Periods (Day/Week/Month)

Time & Attendance

  • Biometric Device Integration
  • Shift Management
  • Muster Roll
  • Holiday Calendar
  • Late Coming Notifications

Leave Management

  • Leave Request Cancel And Alter
  • Leave Approval
  • Leave Details
  • Leave Types Settings
  • LOP Calculations

Work Assignments

  • Work Category
  • Work Distribution
  • Work Assignments
  • Work Status
  • Work Analysis

Employee Self Service

  • Travel Requests
  • Bill Submission
  • Training/Service Requests
  • Complaints
  • Document Attachments

Mobile Platform

  • Reports in PDF
  • Attendance Reports
  • Requests & Approvals
  • Notifications
  • Google Map on Demand

API To Portals And Whatsapp

  • Candidate Data from Portals
  • Integration to Accounts/ERP
  • Leave Request on Whatsapp
  • Attendance through Whatsapp
  • Google Map integration on Demand

Loans & Advances

  • Advance/Loan Requests
  • Loan Approval
  • Auto Deduction from Salary
  • Term of Loan/Repayment method
  • Different Loan Types

Assets & Internal Mail

  • Internal Mail communication
  • Mail Attachment
  • Chat Platform
  • Asset Category
  • Asset Category
  • Asset Management


  • • Queue requests receives from Mobile App, Web , SMS and Whatsapp to generate storewise/Counterwise serial Token numbers
  • • District/ Store /Counter Masters for better management
• Store user can Manage settings of the token generation , Time interval required for serving each customer, Stop Token generation on unexpected incidents, Rescheduling Token time , Re-setting of Regional service delivery time due to special events like Local religious Celebrations or Harthals
• Customer can view the current queue status and time required for delivery/Service of the store before taking Tokens so that they can choose another nearby store , if queue is long
• APIs can be Integrated via XML/Json
• Based on settings Customer Mobile Number can be Barred for certain days once service is done
• Separate Interface for Security staff, Counter staff and Delivery staff
• KYC documents Can be attached with Token Numbers , if required
• Brand wise Stock Positions can be integrated( API) so that enquiry at the counter can be reducedProcess Flow


• Order requests receives from Mobile App, Web , SMS and Whatsapp
• Order requests receives from Mobile App, Web , SMS and Whatsapp
• Admin user can Manage settings of the Order Processing like Adding new stock item , Update unavailability of Items , Modification of Items etc.
• Management can Monitor Department wise Store wise / District wise State wise Sales
• System can be Integrated with any external system like Inventory systems to check availability of stock, Accounting system for Posting of sales, supplier and Customer Details along with input and Output GST
    • Separate Interface for Admins, Store users, district , State users
  • • Offers or Deals can be created Store wise/Product wise
• Home Delivery as well as Take away options available for customers
• Payment Gateway integrated for online Payments

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